How to Detect and Check for a Service Line Leak

Indicators that you may have a leak.

A home's water service line can develop a leak. Although such leaks may be difficult to detect, there are some distinct signs which may indicate a leak in your service line as follows.

  • Decreased flow or a noticeable loss in water pressure within your home.
  • Water bills that indicate unexplainable, increased water consumption.
  • Wet spots in your yard between the meter location and your home or water seeping into your basement or crawl space near your water service line location.
  • Sounds of running water or hissing coming from your main water shut-off valve at a time when water is not being used in your home.

To Determine whether you have a leak.

  • Turn off the main water shut-off valve located inside your home.
  • Go outside and check your water meter.
  • If the water meter is turning, you have an underground leak and should contact a plumber.